What is the point of the HYBRID OVF?

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Re: What is the point of the HYBRID OVF?

shigzeo ? wrote:

Anyone who uses non-X lenses knows this: there is no way to focus a lens using the X-Pro via the OVF. You can do hyper focal guesses, but never be 100% sure of focus because the 'HYBRID' OVF employs no focus aids.

Why is this?

Horizon, white/black levels, ISO, etc., great, but what about focusing?

Why is there a camera that looks like a rangefinder with a glass eye that doesn't allow focusing of a lens manually through that bit of glass? The information about the split image in the new 100s was fun until it seemed it only works in the EVF or the LCD.

They HYBRID portion of the OVF should bear out like this: overlay the split image onto the glass. Keep it in the centre, fine. But make it possible to look into real light, not bloody pixels, to focus.

Fuji's lenses are 100% SLR style lenses with coupled/automatic aperture, but the camera looks like a rangefinder. The problem is that the niceties of a rangefinder are completely absent unless you pretend your fuji lenses are rangefinder lenses and you use AF. If not, you are out of luck and have to resort to the EVF.

The look of the X-Pro is the only advance I can see for users of non-Fuji glass. Otherwise, X-E seems the obvious choice. It shouldn't be. Some of us want the metal body and would love to use the (okay so it's small and chintzy and looks like looking through a tunnel) OVF in some meaningful way other than a reason to keep a glass cleaning cloth handy.

Will this functionality ever come? If not, what is the bloody point of the OVF other than looks.

Marketing gimmick.

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A solution looking for a problem !

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