Just bought the Sony NEX-6

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Re: Just bought the Sony NEX-6

CosmoZooo wrote:

calterg wrote:

I would also suggest smaller capacity 8GB sdcards than a humongous 32GB.

Do not put all eggs in one basket.

One 8GB card will store 440 RAW files or 330 RAW + jpeg.

Also make sure you buy class 10 ultra sdhc cards with a write speed of at least 30mb/s.

It will write files from cam to card faster and give you better video quality.

Downloading to pc from card reader will also be substantially faster.

Interesting suggestion, have you had many 32GB SD cards fail on you? I have two for a few years now and no issues... crossing fingers. NEX-6 is a monster when it comes to video...shoot slightly longer clips, for which the need might arise on a travel vacation, and you'll see your 8GB card vanish into thin air.

Sorry I disagree and say go with 32GB but agree with class 10.

Just a habit from shooting for clients, they won't understand or accept why I shot everything on one card. Seen a few pros lose clients from card failure.

Video is for the most part longer and intentional, for which I would use a dedicated sd card. This is of course not always practical, just something to consider.

Personally I would max at 16GB.

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