What is the point of the HYBRID OVF?

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Re: What is the point of the HYBRID OVF?

I had not spent much time reading up on the details of the X-pro1 & what I read led me to believe that the OVF was identical to the X-100. My assumption. It just surprised that it is not, & BTW, I know about the limitations of a variable magnification OVF. The G1 OVF is tiny & dim, but it appears to be a bit more mechanically complex than the Fuji, apart from the overlay. I have dreamed of a digital equivalent of the G1/G2 & until the X-Pro1, nothing had came close. I was excited when I first read of the X-Pro1, but ended up finding an X-100 at the right price & am happy to use it for the foreseeable future. A future X-ProX may be in the cards when it can make better use of my G mount Zeiss lenses. Specifically, better manual focus.



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