XZ2 or OMD

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chosenwonton New Member • Posts: 6
Re: What about this mindset.....

That's why I bought the XZ-2 (or rather, was in the market for a non-interchangeable lens compact camera) - it for me was the best of all compromises; fast, sharp lens, decent noise control at ISO 800 and lower (ISO 1600 still has a ratio of usable), and is a no excuse camera - meaning, you have NO excuse for not having this with you at all times.

Plenty of times I couldn't justify or be bothered to lug my 7D and assorted lenses; other times the situation demanded it. But a usable quality compact camera, you can still get usable shots, and not be kicking yourself for having to use your cell phone.

I also may purchase a 4/3 camera in the future as a "middle ground" but for now, this will do.

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