Fuji Nailed It -- X100s

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Re: Fuji Nailed It -- X100s

Lakeview Man wrote:

While your frustration is understandable, I also think Fuji's reason for doing it this way is understandable.

The Fuji-XPro1 came out a year ago, less than a year in my country. Not sure about the exact date here. That camera started a new line of cameras with interhcangeable lenses. The XE-1 was not to replace/improve on the X-pro1, or the replace the X100. The XE1 is a smaller and cheaper version of the X-pro1 without the OVF and with a lower resolution back screen, and according to some - lower build quality. Funny though, some people would actually prefer the XE-1 over the X-pro because of the smaller body size and the EVF's higher resolution because they don't feel they need the OVF.

Now, if Fuji made further improvements to the XE-1 the same year as the X-pro1 came out, it would no longer be a cheaper little brother to the X-pro1. They would no longer be able to sell it at a cheaper price and call it a smaller version. Remember, the XE-1 is not to replace the X-pro1, and the X-pro1 is less than a year on the market.

The X100 and X100s in a different series of cameras with fixed lens, and the X100 is two years old. So any improvements on the X100S over the X100 two year old technology is logical, and should not really (even if it does on this forum) frustrate those who needed interchangeable lens cameras in the first place.

I don't think fuji planned for the improved x100, but the x100 was so hugely popular that they decided not to rock the boat. Also I think they did have to spend lot of money on the original fault-prone lens and the new lens redesign which probably created some large inventory of lens stock so I think they simply go for the easy way out - make the x100 same as it was but put new tech in it.

At least we see what will be coming to XPRO2. Phase detection, speed increase and focus peaking.

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