What is the point of the HYBRID OVF?

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Re: What is the point of the HYBRID OVF?

shigzeo ? wrote:

The point is that for X lens users, too, there are NO aids at all for manual focusing. All they have to do is overlay the OVF with information as they can do, but they don't. It's not just non-fuji lens people. I should have been clearer in my first post.

You're right - it's not for manual focus, regardless of lens. It's not an actual rangefinder. It's for auto-focus, not manual.

EVFs can be overlayed with horizon, exposure, histograms, so I still fail to see the point other than kind-of-useful framing. Framing alone would be better, too, with a nicer viewfinder. The X-Pro finder is tiny and dark, much like a D5000 or slightly worse. The OVF on the X100 is very nice, I wish it made its way to the XPro.

The OVF in the X-Pro is identical to the OVF in the X100 except it isn't as bright because it has a more complex job to do with multiple focal lengths and a couple levels of magnification. I don't find it tiny or dark, but the X100's is larger and brighter. But the X-Pro OVF IS overlaid with horizon, exposure, histogram, focus box and confirmation, as the EVF can be too. The advantage for some of us is that you can see beyond the frame lines while composing, as with a classic rangefinder, and there's no lag in the image with movement, panning, etc. The X-Pro and XE1 and X100 have quite a bit of tearing and lag in the EVFs, to a really serious degree in low light. If these OVF advantages aren't enough for you and you don't find them useful, the XE1 is obviously a better choice for you.


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