A57 Auto HDR and DRO Auto comparison

Started Jan 10, 2013 | Discussions thread
WaltKnapp Forum Pro • Posts: 13,857
Re: A57 Auto HDR and DRO Auto comparison



You are correct but understand that this was a spur of the moment thing and I didn't change any of the settings from playing with it last night! This was not (obviously) an attempt at a decent landscape shot just a very quick test with no forethought.

No forethought is certainly true. You did no test, probably have never even put any effort into properly using DRO.

I never use auto DRO, it's settable for the conditions and auto DRO mostly does not even apply DRO at all.  To use DRO properly you need to understand each of the settable levels and choose to get benefit from it.

And the HDR looks awful too. DRO applied properly while using correct exposure and color balance would give a much more lifelike photo, not a dead one.

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