How to delete a photo from Forum?

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Re: Moderators should not edit posts by request generally

Detail Man wrote:

glossywhite wrote:

sjgcit wrote:

You don't post images, you post links to images.

To remove the image from the forum you just remove the source of the image - the place it's stored on the web.

And the 560 pixel-size thumbnail that is displayed in the body of the post is deleted as a result ?

You can store images in your gallery ( which you can manage yourself ) or on an image hosting site ( like Flickr ) which, again, you manage yourself.

Your statements (quoted directly above) appear to imply that if any existing in-post reference to any (remotely) hosted image leads to a URL that no longer provided that image, then all DPReview displayed representations of that image (including the 560-pixel maximum sized thumbnail displayed in DPReview posts) will be immediately removed. Is that a correct interpretation of your statements ?

glossywhite wrote: And what if the image that is linked to, is not administered by the poster ?

sjgcit wrote: That's the poster's problem in my view.

My interpretation of guidelines given to moderators is that we (moderators) should not edit posts generally. It is a discretionary power granted to moderators to allow threads to be moderated with minimal disruption.

The reason is this. DPR has a general policy of not allowing unlimited edits after a post has been made. The feeling is that such edits distort the thread ( e.g. people replying to things that are changed later can be misleading ). A logical extension of this is that moderators should not do the edits for them.

The limited editing time window DPR allows is just to correct e.g. typos or the wrong link, or to withdraw something typed in haste. That's all.

The principle is pretty simple - if you're not happy with the world seeing your post for all eternity then don't post it.

What if the author wishes to (or must) retain the image published on the host server location referenced in the post, but (nevertheless) wishes to remove the image from their DPReview forum posts ?

Your statements (quoted directly above) appear to imply that all images that have been uploaded by the author (from a computer directly to the body of a DPReview forum post, as opposed to being uploaded to a DPReview member's Image Gallery) will not (in general, as a matter of policy and procedure) be deleted from any such post(s) upon the specific request of the author, and thus will not be deleted from DPReview server archives. Is that a correct interpretation of your statements ?

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