Sony a900 compared to the a700

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Re: Sony a900 compared to the a700

Glenn wrote:

I don't have an a900 but shot enough with one maybe 5k shots or so. it's heavier but not much bigger body wise except for the prism housing which is huge. you will feel right at home with it.

Personally I found it way too big and heavy compared to 35mm film shooting.  The length of time I could be comfortable shooting with it would be limited compared to shooting with the a700, which I am very experienced with.

the VF is fantastic. a LOT better than the A700 3200 is noisy in both cameras. again it depends how big you want to print and how much detail you want to balance out with the noise. I'm not very good at noise reduction in post and actually like the noise in certain shots but if you are looking for noise free shots and high dynamic range and detail at the same time you'll need a newer generation sensor.

The a700 pentaprism viewfinder is very good, all that's needed for good photography.

Personally if I had the deal offered to you i would buy it. I have all FF lenses except for one and I think the A900 would really improve things for me. and that would be because of the shallower DOF and they have a new 64" Roland printer at the print shop

I've a large set of "FF" lenses, the majority the high end ones.  They work very well with the a700, excellent results. And, the "normal" focal length use for these lenses is based on what you shoot with, not some distant memory of film shooting.  So I know exactly which of my lenses to shoot what I'm shooting with my a700s. Their focal length is normal on my a700s, it did not change.  I did not shut off my learning and adapting in photography when I moved from slide film sitting around waiting for a imitation of it.  I adapted and see no reason to go back to slide film now.  Especially not for shallower DOF.  I prefer shots mostly in focus not mostly out of focus.

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