So - whats your take on DP3 M ?

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Re:Not much

Greetings Roland

Thank you for asking.  I've been in the business for 40 years now and I've been working with Sigma since 1977 and Sigma/Foveon sense 2002.  I thought by now we'd see a DP,  a long the lines of of a Olympus OM-D or a Sony Nex 7.  It can be done, but what did we get?  A  DP3.  What's that about???  No flash, no high ISO, no battery life, on manual focus, no PC slot, slow write speed, large lens, are they trying to go out of business?  I know the IQ is great but the competition is closing in, fast very fast.   I don't expect to see another SD camera.  I was hoping to see a butt kicking 1.3 crop DP with weather sealing, high ISO, tilt screen, evil finder, PC slot, interchangeable lens and a adapter for the SA lenses.  Like the Nex, Olympus OM-D, EPL-5, you get the idea.  Tell me why I'd spent the money to buy a DP1m DP2m, DP3m, for $3000 USD and a DSLR system????

A lot more could have been done/come out.  I'm afraid Sigma/Foveon will be caught up with and that will be the end.


Roger J.

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