Canon 60D + EFS 15-85 : Euro trip pics

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Re: Canon 60D + EFS 15-85 : Euro trip pics

Wei Kelun wrote:

The pictures have a bit of a postcard look, meaning that they wouldn't look out of place on one of those postcard racks with many hundreds of other identical photos. Postcards usually have an iconic image that carries the visual "brand" of the location: they serve just to prove you were there.

The problem with postcard photos is that everybody has already seen that image before. Even if you've never been to Paris, you have an iconic picture of the Eiffel Tower in your mind, the "brand" of Paris. Even if you've never been to New York, you have an iconic picture of the Statue of Liberty in your mind. Those photos almost don't need to ever be taken anymore, since we all know them already.

So here are two suggestions for getting creative:

(1) Put something interesting in the foreground. Adding drama this way is extremely easy, because whatever you put in your foreground becomes a comment on the iconic scene in the background. A tired child? A young protester? A diseased pigeon? A boorish tourist? An electronic surveillance camera? A panhandler? A street musician? Basically anything will change your picture from a postcard into a story.

Something like this?


Never ending...Pic taken in Florence

(2) Get a unique view. Lay your camera on the ground. Take an interesting closeup of some architectural feature. Go behind the building; photograph where they dump their garbage for pickup. Shoot the handicapped access. The employees' entrance. The people working in the gift shop. The car park, even. These certainly won't look like postcards, but they will be interesting images, and they will keep your viewers curious and interested.

Never thought about this......

Keep shooting!

Thanks for these amazing inputs....

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