About to order a Sony RX1...

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Re: About to order a Sony RX1...

drv320 wrote:

...but I could not bear to part with my X100. I dumped a bunch of other stuff in trade, but I just couldn't lose the X100. Note, I didn't say my preorder for the X100s. Sad as it is, I have an attachment to my X100. Even though it's technically inferior to my impending purchase, I couldn't do it.

Nuts? Probably. Don't care. I was able to get rid of stuff I absolutely wasn't using to get something I really want...without having to sacrifice something I really like (and USE).

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let the sony rx1 mature a bit. the x100s would be better and cheaper bet. sony may look good now but i think it will quickly loose a lot of the value basically as soon as somebody else make ff small camera the curent rx1 price would seems ridiculously high. it may happend within a year.

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