$2K absolute max for a new Mac

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Re: $2K absolute max for a new Mac

Pasmia wrote:

As far as "bigger is always better", are you referring to the HDD? Both options have 1TB.

The 27" Mac can be custom-ordered with a 3 TB HDD.  The 21.5" one can't.  No stock iMacs come with the Fusion Drive; that's a custom-order option whether you're talking about the 27" or 21.5".

The 27" Mac can take 32 GB of RAM and the RAM is still user-upgradable.  The 21.5" iMac now has sealed-in, non-user-upgradable RAM, and it will cost you $200 to custom-upgrade to 16 GB.  (On a 27" iMac, you'd just order an 8 GB module for $40 or $50 and put it into one of the two free slots.)

Another option you might consider is buying a refurbished iMac through the Apple Store.  If you buy a previous-generation 21.5" iMac this way, you would gain user-upgradable RAM slots, an onboard optical drive, and a Firewire 800 port.  (You would, however, lose USB 3.0 ports and the changes to reduce the reflectivity of the screen.)

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