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Again: in what what way is the sensor on the LX7 "mediocre", and compared to what?

I haven't seen any review that said the sensor was mediocre, so I wouldn't be concerned. The details of the design of the sensor are not known and some people have suggested that, if it isn't a BSI CMOS, it's not as good as the ones Sony makes. On the other hand, Canon provides no details on their CMOS sensors of the same size either. One review (backed up by Imatest results) shows that the LX7 sensor has superior color accuracy compared to all of its competitors, so it's definitely not mediocre.

What is known is that Panasonic has not used strong noise reduction algorithms in the LX7 and, therefore, images may be a bit more noisy. This is not a sensor issue, but a choice in the never-ending tradeoff between noise reduction (and the problems that go with it) and noise. Most people are praising Panasonic for not being heavy-handed on the noise reduction -- but others see noise as a reason to complain.

With today's excellent noise-reduction software, most critical photographers now prefer to do their noise reduction in post-processing, and therefore want the sharpest image out of the camera. That's why a number of people on this forum are recommending that NR be reduced from the default setting.

Hope this is helpful.

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Actually, the very review that you're quoting about the LX7 color accuracy (provided it's digitalcamerainfo's review) also heavily criticized the camera's handling of noise and its general image quality. It gave it a "Disappointing overall image quality" verdict.

Having said that, I don't need that review or any other to tell me what I'm seeing with my own eyes. When/if you do get the LX7 (I'm assuming you don't have it, otherwise you would've quoted your own experience not reviews), you may see what I'm talking about. Or you may not. Like many things in life, mediocrity is in the eyes of the beholder!

Could your eyes are mediocre?  It`s a good idea to get your eyes examined on a yearly basis.

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