Wedding conundrum

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Re: Wedding conundrum

Hi Barbossa3127,

Go for it.  You have great equipment for wedding photography, especially outdoors.  My first wedding shoot was because my old boss, and friend, asked me to shoot his oldest son's wedding.  I told him I had zero experience at weddings, but he said they would be happy, regardless.  So, as Ktownbill mentioned I went to the library, took out 3 books on wedding photography, and read them all 3 times,  Using the lists of "must have" photos from these books, I compiled my own list, leaving some blank spaces, so the couple could insert their own ideas for creative photos.  Meet with the couple and have them select which are the pictures they "really" want.  Go to the wedding rehersal and learn the flow of the wedding, so you'll know where to be to get the shots you require (and how you're going to get there without being disruptive).  If you have someone who can help with posing the couple and groups (wife, sister, friend), ask for their assistance.  If not, the wedding coordinator might be willing to help out.  Since you may not even get paid for this shoot (I didn't either), I would not run out and rent extra gear, though it would be nice if you could borrow another Canon DSLR, so you could have the 24-70mm on one and the 70-200 on the other.  For large group shots, you may have to rely on the 10-22mm.  Try to get use to using your speedlight for fill flash, metering for background light, just in case that's necessary.  During the action scenes, set your camera to AI-servo, 8 frames/sec. and always be sure to stop zooming before you focus, and focus before you shoot.  Also, make sure you have the couple pose for any "must have" shots that you may have missed, during the ceremony.  Consider this a wonderful learning opportunity.  Give it your best shot.  And don't be surprised if you find out that shooting wedding is really fun.  I did.  Oh, one other thing, when shooting groups, using a flash, it's best to have the people with darker complexons in the front and those with the lightest complexions in the back, or some peoples' faces will be washed out, while others will be too dark.  Of course, this is rarely possible.  Good luck.


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