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Re: improving white balance

larsonec wrote:

I have a T2i and usually use a 50mm f.14 or 85mm f1.8 lens. I generally choose one of the pre-determined white balance icons or just leave the camera in auto, but I've really been frustrated lately as how my white balance is off. This seems to be an issue when I am shooting inside our house or inside a gymnasium. I know that there is custom white balance but am wondering how people generally get good white balance in lower light conditions.

I usually leave WB on Auto and sometimes (actually usually) I'm lucky and the WB will come out just right like this one:

AWB.  Autumn Hues picture style, -2 contrast.

For those times they don't come out right I can fix them with the Temperature slider in DPP because I shoot raw.

You can somewhat correct the WB of Jpegs with the eye-dropper or by playing with the Red and Blue curve channels, but if the WB is extremely off, it still won't look right. Raw is best if you want them to come out perfect.

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