How to delete a photo from Forum?

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Re: How to delete a photo from Forum?

Olga Johnson wrote:

Not sure what you mean about links. Folks link all the time from various other sites, such as Pbase, Zenfolio, Smugmug, etc.

That is a very good question... because I have not verified exactly what does happen for some time now. So lets see!

First, I have an image on my computer that I've also uploaded to my web page. First lets see what the image looks like when loaded from the computer (and I expect this image to remain the same regardless of what I do later). This image has the file name "deleted.jpg", because that is exactly what I'm going to do after it is uploaded to this message. On the web page it is at <>:

Uploaded directly from my computer, from file /home/httpd/misc/deleted.jpg

Now I'll insert it using the URL to my web site:

This is the image from <>

And after loading the two images above, I have copied a different image to the same name on the computer, and then uploaded it to that same URL on my web site. Here is the new image from my computer:

A new an different image uploaded from the same file name, /home/httpd/misc/deleted.jpg

Now comes the weird part. Here is the image from the URL, where the above image now resides:

Image "uploaded" from the same URL as was used previously.

Now, I have no idea what will be seen when this message is actually posted, but in the editor what I am seeing here is the original image rather than the new one. It has clearly been uploaded from cache, but I don't know if it is the cache in my browser or if DPR's editor saved URL along with the first upload and simply won't go look at that URL a second time.

Edit:  Okay, what I saw in the editor before hitting the "post" button is not what I was treated to after it was posted.   Prior to posting, the editor would only show me the first image it acquired from the URL.  After posting what I see is only the second image that was at the URL...  until I now have it in the editor, where I am seeing the same thing the editor show before posting!

Be aware that I've replaced the image at that URL with a third one! It doesn't show up here at all.  That is because messages posted to DPR forums are not using links.  The image has been uploaded.   The editor uses a link to access the image, but the message is using an image stored by DPR's servers.

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