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Some of us (including me) continue to write about this subject with the hope that someone at Ricoh actually reads this Forum and that our reasoned input may make some impact on product planning. Those of us who do continue to write are photographers who acquired the GXR M mount, value it greatly, and wish that Ricoh will support the product and our investment by adopting major technological improvements.

The genius of the GXR was that it permitted photographers to use a huge variety of modern and vintage high quality Leica, Zeiss, and Cosina Voigtlander Leica-type bayonet and screw mount lenses natively, and innumerable other camera mount lenses with adapters--at a competitive price. The GXR is not a "poor man's Leica." It is a great camera, available at a reasonable price, that competes favorably with the Leica M8 and M8.2, that still sell for over $2,000 used, and even the $7,000 M9 Leica. In my opinion, what Leica should have done in response to the GXR was to produce a sub-$4,000 full frame MLC.  Instead Leica will offer another $7,000 camera that has many of the attributes pioneered by the Ricoh. This leaves a huge opportunity for Ricoh, or if it hesitates, some other imaging company.

Ricoh has a window of opportunity to make an impact as an important niche camera company, in the spirit of Olympus, Fuji, and Sigma, competing effectively with superior technology and better price with legendary Leica. If Ricoh fails to deliver an exciting upgrade to the GXR in 2013, the GXR will unfortunately let its customer base down and be a once promising, but increasingly irrelevant and obsolete digital imaging tool. If that is the case, I predict the GXR M mount opportunity will be taken by Fuji or (not as likely in my opinion) Sony.

Having written all of that, we are likely to find out soon what, if anything Ricoh is going to do.

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