Cone Thrift Inks - Reviews?

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Re: Cone Thrift Inks - Reviews?
The CLARIA namesake has nothing to do with the properties fo the individual colors. CLARIA is a monker for a type of Epson UV resistant DYE ink. They are used on all the Artisan AIO models but that particular CLARIA inks differs in color characteristics from CLARIA for the 1400 / 1430 series.

Just wait till it is ready and you will be good to go. As I said I am using a very simmilar Damper Chip holder design for my R2000 only difference is the 1400 / 1430 cart sets have ARC and the R2000 must be reset by shorting out two chip sensors which in the case on my Carts, it is carried out by the pushbutton.

I suggest you buy one set of chip carriages and two sets of dampers, so you can always have one ready to insert.

OK. OK, you've convinced me to wait for the Cone 1400 Thrift inkset.  

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