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Re: The Olympus advantage in telephoto remains clear

goblin wrote:

dave gaines wrote:

...Every economic, tech development, release cycle indicator says it won't be an OMD but a new DSLR.

I totally agree with you that it won't be an OM-D.

Care to comment on the economic and tech development points ? ...

I've answered this in several posts above here and in other threads. The EM-5 is as advanced as it can be given the Olympus features. Offering another OMD wuld end sales for the EM-5 and anger a lot of owners. Building another E-x in a year from now with lots of sensor upgrades makes economic sense.

I would personally love to see such a camera, but the question that remains is whether Olympus will want to release it with the same AF module as the current one, which is already a carry-over from the E-3.

The E-3 is over 5 years old. They've had 5 years to work on AF. Everyone agrees Olympus is behind in this area so they should be working on improving it. If it's possible, they will make it better.

Do you think they will ? If not - how much would a whole new AF module add to the development bill, and what economic sense will it make if they can not reuse it on the m43 line ?

It doesn't matter what it costs. They need to keep up with the competition. If you believe that Olympus will continue to offer Pro DSLR E-x cameras then it doesn't matter if it can be used in an OMD or Pen. CDAF doesn't work on 4/3 lenses well enough to be competitive with PDAF in a DSLR but that didn't stop Oly from building a Pen with it.

Keep in mind - I am going with the assumption that a whole new AF module will be pricey. I might be wrong, maybe it will not. ...

Who knows. Again, it doesn't matter. R&D has to improve the camera to keep up with the competition.

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