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goblin wrote:

dave gaines wrote:

...In spite of knowing the article is inventive at best, this conversation quickly developed into a platform for people to wish for a new m4/3 ... people posting preferences for other systems and saying Olympus DSLR are passe.

Hi Dave

Thanks for your input.

... I DO care when I see something that can kill the forum.


And to me, the most dangerous thing for this forum, ...[is] the self-ostracizing it is going into based on the holy mantra "Mirror, PDAF, native 4/3 mount, Period !!!"

I suppose you're talking about the many calls for m4/3 adopters to use Micro 4/3 Talk forum for their posts about m4/3. The forum is not working for Olympus DSLR Talk. Many Oly 4/3 users seem to have left the forum. It's no fun reading endless speculative opinions about how DSLR is dead and going to be replaced with another m4/3.

If you posted on Nikon FX SLR or Canon EOS ID/5D Talk about how DSLRs are dying and they should all adopt MILC now, they'd call you a troll and try to have you banned. I'm just asking you to post on Micro 4/3 Talk.

The discussion didn't develop into a platform for people to wish for a new m43. It quickly developed into a platform for people to wish for ANYTHING that will handle their 4/3 lenses correctly. Whether it will be a pure DSLR ...

Except for Collin, Chris and myself defending our DSLRs, every post here is repeating the same unfounded speculation we've read in 3 articles where the blogger believes the next camera will be a magic hybrid m4/3. That kind of wishful thinking would be better posted on the Micro 4/3 Talk forum where they want to hear that idea.

The tragedy to me seems to be in the way we read things:

If "m43" is read as ... not seing another 4/3 dslr is a problem.

If "m43" is read as "A camera with no mirror and a different mount" - it is way less scary.

Only "Girlie Men" (CA Gov' Arnold S.) carry little cameras with little mounts and no flipping mirror or OVF.

The big question is about performance, as all real men know ... As of today the OVF still outperforms an EVF in sharpness, clarity and refresh rate. PDAF is the only system that will focus our 4/3 lenses quickly, except for a couple of mkII versions.

Simple question: What would be your opinion on the following: A clone of the E-5 (size, shape, look, handling, battery, accessories, everything), with simply no mirror (be it SLT, or a highly advanced EVF, or whatever actually WORKS) - what would your take be ? Will you consider it, will you automatically discard it because it's mirrorless ?

Yes, size matters. I want a big grip for those SHG lenses. And beyond that performance matters most. The EVF, PDAF and CAF of MILCs have to improve a lot before it will optimize use of 4/3 lenses as well as a DSLR. See above.

I upgraded from a very good Olympus bridge camera, the Camedia C-8080, to an E-3 and then the E-5 because I wanted fast focus and more lens choices. The C-8080 has a fine lens, it's just limited to 28-140 mm f/2.8-3.5. That lens is faster and sharper than most of the m4/3 zooms. I like the C-8080 almost as much as I appreciate the Pen and OMD, but I'm not interested in stepping backwards in performance or IQ from a DSLR. The next DSLR will have the same or better sensor as the EM-5 so that advantage goes away.

As for your faith in the release of a future 4/3 DSLR - I respect your faith. Still, why would you consider someone else's personal opinion to the contrary as negative, distracting, forum killer ? ...

These one sided opinions belong on Micro 4/3 Talk forum. Arguing against a new DSLR here is distracting, negative for DSLR owners and a forum killer. The people this forum is intended to serve don't need to read about 4/3 adopters who want another m4/3 and think the DSLR is dead.

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