What is the point of the HYBRID OVF?

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Re: What is the point of the HYBRID OVF?

shigzeo ? wrote:

The look of the X-Pro is the only advance I can see for users of non-Fuji glass. Otherwise, X-E seems the obvious choice. It shouldn't be. Some of us want the metal body and would love to use the (okay so it's small and chintzy and looks like looking through a tunnel) OVF in some meaningful way other than a reason to keep a glass cleaning cloth handy.

Will this functionality ever come? If not, what is the bloody point of the OVF other than looks.

For users of non-Fuji glass there is absolutely no point to the OVF. I doubt when Fuji was designing the system that users of non Fuji glass was a primary consideration since Fuji hoped to sell lots of Fuji glass. They included functionality for non-Fuji glass through the EVF, like m43 does, like Nex does, like perhaps some others do. I don't believe ANYone provides this type of function in an OVF.

So, the OVF is hugely functional for many of us who do use the X-Pro with Fuji lenses. For you, it sounds like its not.


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