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OldDigiman wrote:

I got a refurb D800E from Adorama, it had 8000 clicks on it, settings set and copyright info entered, but it looked like new and works fine, none of the issues some have reported. I paid $80 for a 2-year Mack warranty, that was before they announced the VIP for free deal, unfortunately. I wasn't crazy about it having 8000 clicks, but I figured I'd put that much on it in 2 or 3 or 4 months, so it wasn't worth the $$ to return it for exchange (plus it didn't have any problems, so I wasn't keen to roll the dice on a replacement).

I've seen a number of posts about these refurbs recently and the vast majority of them are stating very low shutter counts, several under 100. But, I was willing to accept a much higher number, given that the shutter is rated for 200k, IIRC. If I were in your shoes, I'd most likely do the same. The added expense and hassle of exchanging it, for maybe the same or worse, wouldn't be worth it to me.

good luck and enjoy


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Is it possible to get them to have a look and tell before sending the camera? I'm guessing they won't but was wondering if anyone has tried. I have noticed differences in my focus points with my D700 as well but they are nothing compared to the samples I have seen in posts of the D800 issue. In some of those that cause my concern were way off. Thanks for sharing your detailed view of your recent purchase.

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