Rumor site says, TG-2 is coming

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Re: It comes in red!

BorisK1 wrote:

Bryan Biggers wrote:

A couple things that they could improve would be the special in camera modes such as HDR and panorama. In the TG-1 they are slow, and work only at reduced size. If they used a faster processor they could maybe get these working at full size. Plus, the TG-1 in camera panorama mode does not really work, at least I've given up on getting it to stitch properly in camera. they could implement the "sweep" type panorama that Sony, Nikon and Panasonic have using the Video mode.

A faster CPU would mean more heat issues and less battery life. My guess is, you'd want the HDR processing to be dramatically faster, not 25% faster, right?

Yes, plus full size images instead of 5Mp. Faster CPUs aren't always hotter, could be a smaller chip mask or a better dedicated image CPU for example, but yeah, I suppose that it is unlikely.  Sony manages to pull all this off with an 18Mp sensor in their cheapo WX series though, which has a very small battery, so it is possible. I'd prefer the Olympus colors though.  I suspect that there won't be much reason to trade up on my TG-1 unless I manage to break it.

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