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Re: I leave soft proofing on in Paint Shop all the time

rpenmanparker wrote:

In both Paint Shop Pro and After Shot Pro all editiing can be done with soft proofing on and the desired rendering intent set. I am not saying that you can make Perceptual and RC look the same particularly not with lots of out of gamut color, just that Perceptual can be more or less adjusted to provide the appearance that is desired. By operating in the always-on soft proofing mode, all my editing is done to produce the look that I want. Dullness, low contrast, darkness, poor saturation, etc. that folks are ascribing to Perceptual don't mean anything in my work flow even using Perceptual intent, because I edit to the appearance that I want under that rendering intent. Then the prints match well.

Why would you edit first and then see what the rendering intent is going to do to the appearance?


One reason is the RC with BP is often closer than Perceptual to the working colorspace so if you publish images on the net they will more closely match up with prints.  Other than that there is every reason to edit it soft proof mode.

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