How much light does CNTL flash "spill" into scene?

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Re: sybersitizen is right (again) — the ANSWER

William Porter wrote:

I will note that I took this picture twice — with HSS enabled, and with HSS off, and I see no difference. You said that there would be no slop with HSS on, and only a little with it off, and I can't see the difference.

Are you sure you understand HSS? It's not just a matter of turning it on. You also have to use a high shutter speed to engage it. You should test again, setting the pop-up flash as a wireless controller at close quarters and at high ISO and large aperture - but without any actual remote flash at all. The pop-up should light that kind of scene under those conditions quite well at normal sync speeds... but as soon as the shutter speed moves into HSS territory (say, above 1/250s) there should be zero light in the scene from the controller.

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