HS50 vs X-S1

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Larry Winters Veteran Member • Posts: 4,837
HS50 vs X-S1 is the whole problem...

FF needs to make a X-S2 that isn't competing with the HS50.

They need to remember the X series was suppose to be about "excellence" and innovation.  The X-S1 got lost too much in the follow the megazoom crowd.

I believe it was Bill who mentioned installing a 1" X-trans sensor with a 24-400 lens.  I'll leave it to the optic engineers to calculate just how fast this lens can be to fit the current X-S1 size.  Or even other focal length possibilites.  Adding in the faster PDAF, faster burst, etc. of the HS50.  This would take it clearly out of the pin head sensor megazoom category and put it closer to a higher quality m4/3 zoom, but not megazoom.  If they could make it for $649-699, I think it would sell well enough for FF to make money.  If FF does go this route I'll be jumping to try one.

For anyone who really needs/wants all tha extra focal length, the HS50 is clearly the answer.

Maybe a 24-400/600 f/2.8 constant aperture with the X20 2/3" sensor might offer some possibilities as well for the X-S2.

I currently enjoy my second generation X-S1 for what it brings to the table and I don't apologize for what it doesn't.  Its a fine camera and a clear upgrade over the HS30.  Anyone who says different, just hasn't used the newer ones with the upgraded sensor/lens combo for any length of time.  But for me to upgrade to a possible X-S2 I believe FF has to radically change direction as I mentioned above.

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