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Mike Ronesia wrote:

Now that ISO's look good up to 1600 and beyond on most ILC's it only makes sense that it have it's own dial. I don't need one for ev, but a third for ISO would allow me the flexibility to change the 3 things I adjust on 80% of my shots, S, A and I. I have wanted this for years now and am still waiting.

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Mark James
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I many ways we are still living in the film era where a change in ISO required a film change. Some radical rethinking is needed by both camera companies and the traditional photographer.

We are close to an ISO-less camera, where the camera just faithfully records photons->electrons with a given shutter and aperture.   ISO will become a selection after the image is taken.   The camera could show you an auto-curved (adjustable) image on screen so you could evaluate focus and sharpness and photon noise.    It could show zebra stripes for areas that have blown out the well of the pixel regardless of selected gain/curve.

You can pretty much do this now with the OMD, GH3, and many Nikons and Sonys...they are close to ISO-less as has been mentioned here.   The biggest thing missing from these is that the preview image will be dark for what would have been High ISO images is you shoot them at a lower ISO with the intent to push them in post.

I wish a company would finally optimize the experience towards an ISO-less's coming and the first to do it well will be rewarded.

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