How much light does CNTL flash "spill" into scene?

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Re: sybersitizen is right (again) — the ANSWER

This is an interesting learning experience.

The entire reason I started playing with this this afternoon has to do with another problem with the Sony flash system that looks like it is for real: the flash-lag with the A99. And behind that lies my anxiety about whether I should keep the A99 and stay with Sony, or jump ship. (But to where???)

As I said earlier I've never actually had serious problems with the Sony wireless system: but I've assumed that, if everybody is complaining about something, there must be something to complain about, and I thought I'd test it for myself. I've been particularly impressed with the regular recommendation that one tape a piece of film on the flash head. If people were doing that, there had to be a real problem, no?

Well, maybe not. Certainly not so much.

I shouldn't have started by trying to conduct a scientific test, even a rough one. I imagined a problem, and then set about making the problem occur. I should have set up my little umbrellas and gotten my daughter in front of the camera and actually tried to make a good photo — and waited to see if my failure could be attributed to the equipment. That's exactly what I did when I tried to reproduce Gary Friedman's demonstration of the flash lag. I had my daughter, who is a dancer, do a little dance move over and over and I tried repeatedly to trip the shutter at a particular instant, and then see what the camera captured.

I think my test was a bit like trying to show that super steady shot is worthless by taking shots with one second exposures.

Anyway, thanks to cybersitizen — and also to Bart7D and Glenn — for helping me think this through.


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