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Re: GH3 & Auto-ISO

jkrumm wrote:

Auto-iso in manual on the eM-5 and other Oly cams is pretty useless since it forces you into a 0 exposure only.

How is 0 EV compensation useless? If you shoot RAW auto ISO doesn't have to be precise on OM-D. Once ISO is above 400 (and especially above 800) underexposing 1 stop with lower ISO and raising exposure in PP won't make much difference vs exposing correctly with ISO 1 stop higher. And OM-D meters RAW values conservatively so it's unlikely to overexpose.

After I thought about it a while, what I would really like is what some other makes allow, setting a minimum shutter speed in Aperture mode with auto-iso. Seems like such a simple and useful feature. Perhaps a mass letter writing campaign could help.

And it's already there. Reading campaign is sometimes more efficient than writing campaign. There is a list of most bookmarked posts at the right side of the forum. This one is on top:

Changing the shutter time limit for Auto ISO can be done by changing the Flash Slow Limit in Custom Menu F. In practice the available range is between 1/30 second to 1/250 second. Note that the camera either use this shutter time or the old 1/equivalent focal length of your lens-rule to determine the shutter time limit, going with whichever is shortest.

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