How much light does CNTL flash "spill" into scene?

Started Jan 10, 2013 | Discussions thread
Allan Olesen Veteran Member • Posts: 3,391
Re: sybersitizen is right (again) — the ANSWER

William Porter wrote:

One last question: Why do people keep talking about using a piece of film to cover the triggering flash?


Because it blocks visible light but allows IR light to pass through.

Quoting from my other post:

It is strange that Sony doesn't sell an IR pass through filter for the controller flashes. As I have understood it, such a filter solves the problem completely since the flash emits plenty of IR light, the sensor on the flash reacts to IR light, and the camera's image sensor is immune to IR light because of a built in filter. Instead, people have to mess with exposed film in front of the controller flash.

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