How much light does CNTL flash "spill" into scene?

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Re: How much light does CNTL flash "spill" into scene?

William Porter wrote:

I have been able to make do with the Sony system partly because I don't do a lot of studio shooting with multiple flash units and, well, because I'm not the Master of Flash that I would like to be, so I can tolerate a fair amount of sloppiness in the system.

But should even a schlub like me have to tolerate this sloppiness?

I'm going to say something that you probably won't like: Newbs complain far more about the 'contribution' of light made by the flash controller than knowledgeable users do. Knowledgeable users know how to set their parameters to minimize such issues. If you keep working with your equipment and truly understand its nuances you will get along much better with it - even with its flaws.

Please be sure to read my other posts above, and what I have written here:

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