Here one day, gone the next

Started Dec 20, 2012 | Discussions thread
Tony Sx Senior Member • Posts: 2,152
Re: Here one day, gone the next

Schwany wrote:

I'd like to nominate Attila the Hun as forum moderator. Assuming he can be dug up and refurbished.

I believe Attila could bring back those friendly cozy glory days in the various version of the Konica Minolta forums that people miss. Arrrgh!!

Just so long as he has a sense of humour! In most forums on DPR the moderators are quite reasonable. But I have come across one moderator who is not. I cannot say who or why because according to that moderator - it will be against the forum's rules and will get me banned yet again. When DPR first announced that they were recruiting moderators - a couple of years ago - it was noticable that the ONLY forum that thread did not appear in was the KM forum(s) - I think they were split at the time. I mentioned this to the powers that be and was asked if I wanted the job..... You get 3 guesses at my answer and the first 2 aren't counted.

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