What Sigma should do next?

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Re: What Sigma should do next?

Hardy Steiner wrote:

I don't quite like the idea of buying good glass which is stuck to a sensor ... so everytime the sensor changes, I have to buy new glass again. Imagine you have to buy all your lenses again everytime you get a new SD camera ... (not quite the same, but nearly).

It's ok with the DP cameras, but I wouldn't buy into Ricoh like system.

Considering the price of Sigma’s mirror-less lenses for NEX and M43, I suspect that the cost of DP lens is relatively inexpensive in spite of its excellent quality. It should be cheaper to throw the lens away than developing yet another mount, for now at least. But as Foveon matures, this will probably change, and a Foveon ILC will then come.

I still believe in the modular approach though.

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