The RX1 (strictly) firmware wishlist

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The RX1 (strictly) firmware wishlist

I believe that what is missing from Sony's formula is a degree of commitment to making usability improvements to their firmware. Yes they've shipped some nifty upgrades, but they are capable of more. And what the market wants to see from Sony is more commitment to their users, especially the ones who have invested good money in higher end products.

All, please contribute your own observations about what could realistically be changed with a firmware upgrade to make the RX1 a more ideal machine. When I say realistic, I don't necessarily mean in terms of how likely they would make the change, rather how much the change truly depends on firmware alone. IOW, don't hope for miracles in AF performance improvements.

Improvements I believe could be made strictly in firmware:

  • Expand exposure bracketing to up to 7 images
  • Peaking optionally available without magnification
  • Make peaking level a continuous, dial accessible function
  • Make video button assignable to one of the 27 assignable functions
  • More aspect ratio choices (1:1, 4:3, 4:5)
  • 50mm and 70mm raw "zoom" allowed, produces only a crop rectangle in metadata (no different than setting aspect ratio in raw images)
  • Hold manually set focus position indefinitely while powered on
  • Available smaller spot focus target
  • "Raw menu mode" that makes all non-raw options disappear (until you toggle back to full menu mode)
  • Saveable and reloadable preset files, preferably to human readable, format.
  • Show fluctuating auto-iso value rather than simply reading "Auto" till shutter button is half depressed
  • Make focus distance scale changeable to feet/inches (I'm a Yank)
  • Convert the focus distance scale into a DOF scale (a la Fuji) 
  • Effectively hold manually set focus position even after powered off
  • Save non-compressed RAW format option to get true 14 bit data (not the 11 bit range, 7 bit precision stuff we currently get on all recent Sony cameras)
  • Full color histogram Lightroom style, with superimposed R,G,B graphs in quick menu display
  • Option to enable blinking blown highlights, blocked up shadows in live view
  • Selectable threshold for said blinking
  • Speed up the EVF proximity sensor, (it might just be a purposeful delay to save power on unintentional triggering, in which case it would just be a delay value)
  • Better guaranteed contrast for the composition grids. They are often invisible. (Just xoring the high bit of each pixel would provide guaranteed 50% contrast)
  • Implement a focus bracketing mode
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