Best light-weight, compact lens on DX for travel?

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Re: Best light-weight, compact lens on DX for travel?

Only you can asnwer ...

I have a 18-200 VR - the first version. Still a D70. If you do a bit of everything and want a compromise it is a decent lens, one picture printed 8x12 was really sharp used around 60mm mark. The 18-200VR is a bit hefty as a light lens, I also have a 18-70 and that's alright it is maybe a bit sharper in the extreme FLs and wide open. Most times I take the 18-70.

Of course YMMV. Some may prefer to carry 2.8 pro zooms on hoilday b/c they want better photographs. Some may also prefer a pair of 1.4 primes. I am into night photography so I carry a 2lbs all up Gitzo traveler but they cost $600US+ with a slower aperture lens b/c I stop it down. If I was going with people or visiting friends/family I may also need to (not that I want to) carry a SB800 and maybe a faster prime lens.

For me - I normally go alone, still single. So I wakeup 5am go out photog, hang around the tourist stuff and seek photography points and I photog at sunset/twilight as well. I prefer twilight at sunset b/c more building lights still on - for cities. I carry a 15L daypack - one top and one pants as spare, 50ml bottles of toiletries or 50g toothpaste, 15ml shaving oil, travel face towel instead etc. So carry on allowed. 2lbs tripod as mentioned, camera and lens generally 3lbs. Lowepro Photo Runner shoulder/hip bag. My normal backpack prob under 10lbs. No checked baggage. No iPds/laptops but I carry a phone. For photog - D70, 18-70, 10-20 and a 35/1.8. No flash. The least used lens for me is the 35. I am more a tripod person, 35 pix usually per day. I also shoot slide film to go more slower instead but that's another topic. The manual focus bodies are physically smaller.... 52mm filter thread lenses. 2 or 3.

The S90 is not bad, someone I know has a Nikon D3 shot a S90 from his wife for sunset of some buildings in HKG handheld, printed like 24x16 at least (inches).  If you look at the lines of the skyscraper there were artifacts but it wass still a sharp photo ..... nice color ....

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