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Re: GH3 & Auto-ISO

wildlifr wrote:

I guess 99% of people here were never film shooters. Its second nature to me and takes a second to change the ISO.

That second often means a missed shot in wildlife photography

It is also bad depending on what your doing to have a different ISO for every shot. ISO is a last resort to make changes to.

Not in my opinion. It takes a few extra seconds in lightroom to fix noise. Try fixing motion blur.

Manual exposure is the advanced Pro mode and if your using it you should know how to make it work.

Implying that anyone who wants auto iso in manual mode doesn't know what they're doing is beyond arrogant.

I am not implying anything Was i not crystal clear. If you are decide to shoot manual exposure it is a conscious decision stop complaining if you can't figure out how to push a button. Of course olympus buries everything in a confused menu system so that is why olympus has auto iso in manual mode.

You need Auto Iso when using studio strobes too I bet.

But given how clearly your anti-olympus agenda has been exposed, I'm not surprised that you'd make a statement like this as opposed to just admitting that it's an oversight by Panasonic to not incude the option.

Yes I have an anti-Olympus agenda that is on the docket at the next United Nations meeting to impose sanctions for any one that owns an Olympus OMD and dares to sully the Panasonic name by using, gasp a Panasonic lens on said body. I have turned my mind control on, zap zap.

Actually it's not a Panasonic over site at all. It is Olympus knowing its user need all the help they can get even in manual exposure. The OMD is perhaps not intended for professional use or they just did what they could do to stop the whining Knowing its 1% customer base is like this.

the complaints about the OMD still do not equal the one off complaints about the GH-3. If you want to own a cracked OMD with a confusing menu system in an Amertur silver body with amertur silver lenses because Olympus thinks its cool and charge hundreds more for a black 12 mm lens just because its a black lens and Olympus makes you buy a lens hood when it's included for the same cost for what Panasonic does go right ahead.

Olympus is the PT Barnum of the MFTs world.

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