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Re: Newbie to Fuji

Hi Trevor G,

Thanks for all your replies!

Generally speaking I agree with you about using a higher ISO on dreary days especially if the camera is handheld.  But, if you're dead set on the clearest photo possible and if you have a tripod why not use ISO 100 and let the camera choose the shutter speed?  BTW, I've read somewhere on this forum that the aperture sweet spot for the X10 is F3.2 on the wide side and F4 for everything else.  Do you agree with that?

That was interesting what you said about dust; "To help prevent unnecessary dust entry I seldom close the lens to switch off the camera - I normally let it enter its designed sleep mode."  But how would you put the camera back into its case with the extended lens …if you got one?  Well, maybe if you're shooting every few minutes….

Dust:  Yeah, I've read about that vacuum pump effect and dust.  My current camera, LX5 has an adapter that covers the whole lens which I think helps a lot.  I don't think it's available for the LX7.  I wish it was available for the X20.  Perhaps it's too soon to say?

DPR review not likely before May or June; Wow!  I got a long wait …lol

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