Question for street photographers

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No guts?

sgoldswo wrote:

ultimoamore wrote:

I can't answer your question, but I just want to be sure that you know that in some countries publishing photos of people is forbidden (unless you have written consent)

That's a fair point - in some places/countries people have a right to privacy under law. In addition in some locations people may have a commercial persona or image rights (usually celebrities and the like) which entitles them to income (or a share thereof) derived from their image and a say in how their image is used.

In the UK the general rule is if you are in a public place you are fair game for photography. However, a little bit of "do unto others as you would have them do to you" doesn't go astray.

Well the other guess is that you don't have the guts to take a picture of a fellow human being at short distance, whether he notices you or not.

HCB and many photogs of earlier times would have laughed at the lack of courage, and skill.

But then one must train oneself to be absolutely there for the decisive moment, which has nothing to do with laws and other meek pretexts.

One wonders why some feel entitled to give lessons while they have no idea at all.



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