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Re: Might be to cover DP3M Raws

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

Buhl213 wrote:

Regardless, I hope the new monochrome feature allows better B&W high ISO than before, would be cool if the ISO 6400 setting was more than a marketing check list item

Any clue as to what they mean by "simulating" high ISO? With my understanding of english, that would be ligthening the image and adding artificial noise??

That sounds like the grain feature, where you can chose what level of grain you want in the final output image.

I really think this will make much high ISO produce good B&W images. One of the prints at the booth is ISO 3200 converted using the new software, and looks great.

I am of course going to test the feature when it arrives, but until then I will remain in dire doubts (TM). After initially having played with the camera's limits for some weeks, I fixed the max. ISO to 400 and it has stayed there, so my mind cannot stretch to fathom 3200 (to be fair, both autumn and winter have so far been grey, cloudy and dull). But lets see.

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