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Re: I'm surprised you don't get this, Collin.

CollBaxter wrote:

I understand that not all viewfinders are the same size. But the E-53/5 view finder is not one of the smallest out there. I shoot wild life stuff with long lenses and you want to see what you are shooting. One of the problems with animal photography is the 'dead eye" this is a blacked out eye with no eye glint , it looks like a black hole . One often has to wait to see and catch the glint of the eye and take the shoot. You could get a rough framing and spray and pray. I have often had to sit for a minute or 2 for the animal to turn its head to get the shoot. This falls in line with getting in closer with a cropped sensor.

Here is an example.

Yes I could clone in the glint but I know its there, and so will a lot of wild life shooters. With wild life if you can't see it you cant shoot it. This one is not bad I have thousands that I have discarded due to movement into shadow or loosing the glint. This type of photography is subject specific and the subject moves.

I get what you are saying, and it makes perfect sense.  As I said, if you are using the same focal length on the larger format that you'd be using on the smaller format, and then cropping to the same framing, well, that's not really the best use of the larger format, and you'd likely be much better served using the smaller format that fills the frame with the focal length you are using.

That is, if you're shooting 300mm on FF and always cropping to the framing 600mm would give you, you'd be better off using 300mm on 4/3.

I was simply saying that Sergey was saying if the viewfinder size scaled with the sensor size, there'd be no framing advantage for the smaller format.  However, alatchin's post above showing the sizes of various systems did a nice job showing that the viewfinders do not scale with the sensor size.

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