How long do lenses last?

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Re: How long do lenses last?

ed rader wrote:

soon canon will discontinue your lens and no longer service it, and the upgrades are sharper and far more useful with 4-stop IS. how long will it last? can't tell you.

The lens will be discontinued soon, but Canon services lenses for 10yrs after discontinuing them, so it'll be a while before service becomes difficult. Also, there are many of these lying around, so finding replacement parts should never really be a problem.

To the OP: the newest IS II is a bit sharper, but not enough to make a real difference. If you're using the lens for sports, you aren't likely to get much use out of IS either.

I wouldn't bother replacing it unless it breaks and you decide against servicing it, though I would at least check with Canon before making a decision: my AF on the 70-200IS mk1 broke 3yrs after I bought it, but Canon replaced it for free. YMMV

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