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Re: The Olympus advantage in telephoto remains clear

dave gaines wrote:

...Every economic, tech development, release cycle indicator says it won't be an OMD but a new DSLR.

I totally agree with you that it won't be an OM-D.

Care to comment on the economic and tech development points ?

The E-5 made sorta kinda sense from the economic point of view, because it reused most of the really expensive mechanical stuff (prisms, viewfinder, body, pretty much everything) from the E-3, AND because ALL of its electronic improvements (work made around the sensor, image engine and whatnot) could be (and were) reused down the line on the m43 products.

As such, the E-5 did not have any "E-5 specific" upgrades per se (other than the obvious different rear button and screen cutouts).

To follow this pattern (making sense economically AND technologically), the only way seems to be another upgrade of the E-5 platform, with just newer internals (sensor and image engine, which would AGAIN be reusable across in the m43 department).

I would personally love to see such a camera, but the question that remains is whether Olympus will want to release it with the same AF module as the current one, which is already a carry-over from the E-3.

Do you think they will ? If not - how much would a whole new AF module add to the development bill, and what economic sense will it make if they can not reuse it on the m43 line ?

Keep in mind - I am going with the assumption that a whole new AF module will be pricey. I might be wrong, maybe it will not. From what I heard, the OVF is actually one of the expensive modules in an E-30/3/5, and that one does not have to be reinvented.

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