Tribute to M43 tread!

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Re: Tribute to M43 tread!

Not to tread on you, but I honestly believe you don't need a M43rds camera. A cell phone is good enough, and if you can't use it, you should question your own skills.

How does that sound? Hey, it's my opinion, and after looking at your photos, I think I'm entitled to it.

The point is, under good lighting, and with enough time, almost any camera can take a great photo. It's when the conditions get tough that you need a better camera. Since the best photos are frequently made under less than ideal conditions . . . .

SlamdunK wrote:

Seeing pictures on this forum, following other m43 forums and personal experience make me wonder why some people insist they need FF for proffesional use.

The fact is that if you cant manage with m43 and its fantastic lenses, you should question your own skills instead of the equipment.

If you buy the fastest m43 lenses the dept of field is definetly small enough as well. Needing a Leica or D800 is in my view nothing more than vanity. This recent tread with pictures from cuba is a good example: Do people really need a Leica Monochrome?


Is m43 an excellent system?


Personally have also used it for sports, and don't have any problems at all at getting excellent pictures, even with my GF2.

I am really happy I went with m43, so here I have started the tribute to M43 tread, lets hear your positives on the format!

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