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You said "That's not what your wrote in your original post."  Sorry about the confusion.  In my original post I said, "My last camera I bought was a Panasonic LX5 with a wide angle 18mm conversion lens which I'll probably just leaved attached with the Fuji X20 as my main workhorse".  I guess I should have made that statement a bit more clear.  I meant to say that I would leave the conversion lens attached on the LX5 and use the X20 by itself (no conversion lens attached) as my main workhorse.

Anyway, if I'm going out and I'm not specifically targeting any particular subject, I would probably only take the X20.  But if I'm after landscapes (or on a long vacation from home) I'd probably take both cameras.  It's nice to have a backup camera.  Yeah, it might be a hassle carrying both cameras but I would hate to be switching back and forth removing and attaching the conversion lens!

BTW, I still have to wait awhile for the reviews on the X20 before I definitely decide to buy it or not.

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