Just bought the Sony NEX-6

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Re: Just bought the Sony NEX-6

Thanks for all your advice/responses.

I am considering jumping into as much manual operation as I can from the beginning, I am hoping not to reply on too much Auto things as I will probably just be lazy and use it forever. In which case, I probably should have got a different camera.

I am definitely kicking myself for not picking up the twin lens pack now, after reading the comments regarding the 55-200mm lens being useful when traveling… oh wells

I do really want to do macro photos, both living objects (insects) and non living objects (flowers etc). I’ll Google for what will be the best lens (considering $$) I should get.. and some Youtube clips on macro photos

Ive started, and bookmarked, some tips on using Lightroom. Seems pretty complex, but I enjoy that side of things so look forward to it.

I will definitely look at Youtube, or some books, on photography for beginners as suggested.

So far, my list seems to be;

  • 2 x Spare batteries
  • External charger
  • I would like a case of some sort… something small I can hang around my shoulder (though, this could be not advised inVietnam:O)
  • Macro lens (sony 30mm macro lens.. or adapter+60mm macro lens?)
  • Tripod
  • Extra SD Card
  • 50mm f1.8 lens
  • 55-200mm lens (or one for long distance etc)

Yowsers… Hahaha.. I’ll see how I go

I bought my camera in a store inSydney. but is it ok to buy the over items from overseas? Imported? Im assuming it would be at least 10%-20% cheaper if I can? (though, still a lot of cash..)

I don’t expect to purchase it all now, but I do like having a list

Anywhos.. thanks for your responses.. I appreciate all of them !

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