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The Olympus advantage in telephoto remains clear

CollBaxter wrote:

dave gaines wrote:

... Again, Olympus to the rescue.

What a lot of people have left out of this equation is the users of long lenses. A lot of the wildlife shooters are starting to bitch about having to go FF. Yes more MP and crop but its nice to actually see what you are shooting.


I get what you're sayig in your posts here about image size in the viewfinder and needing the subject to fill the frame. You want the subject to fill the frame. We all want that and we would rather not crop to get it. That's the Olympus advantage for wildlife and birding. We can get long reach and fill the frame much more easily. What we can shoot with a 300 mm lens, the FF shooter needs a 600 mm lens. That 600 mm f/4 lens is much larger and costs twice as much as the ZD 300 mm f/2.8.

As far as relative viewfinder size goes Olympus wins again, according to the link provided by alatchin. The Olympus OM-10 that is. The next best viewfinder is on the Canon 1DsmkIII followed by the Nikon D3 (D4). Every other APS, D5100 or 5D and 4/3 format viewfinder seem to be relatively close to each other on this scale.

I don't think we'll be forced to jump to FF just for the larger viewfinder when the telephoto lens size, speed and cost advantage is so great with Olympus. The next camera that can optimize performance of Olympus 4/3 HG and SHG lenses will be a DSLR. Every economic, tech development, release cycle indicator says it won't be an OMD but a new DSLR.

Somebody suggested a 4th product line for Olympus, besides m4/3 Pen, OMD and DSLR, but that idea seems unlikely.

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