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Re: Ad hominem

Robert Garcia NYC wrote:

Actually, I was the one that posted that the images were questionable and i blamed the white balance on it and gave it the benefit of the doubt with the "we will see".

Actually I never mentioned you and there were numerous comments from different people that I read suggesting colour casts. If you wish to take what I said personally that's entirely your own interpretation. I never intended to insult anyone or make it personal. What you reference is not even in this thread or at least I cannot see it here. How do you know I even read your comments/thread? I don't recognise your name in the context of this discussion.

It was just an observation but you are going somewhere else with this. I don't see any images in your gallery if anything your the one bitching and moaning with your offensive comments.

I don't have a dpr gallery on here, that's my choice. Over the years I have posted 100s of images here (via the old way of embedding links) but I don't any more as I don't have a current camera.

Listen brother you're not a pro

Actually I am a 'pro' in that I do photographic commissions and sell my images for real money, unless you have another definition of 'pro'. Perhaps I should say semi-pro as it isn't my sole source of income any more.

you need to cut it out with "the general standard of contributor's images posted here in this forum has been lacking"

I've been an active visitor (several times daily, it's a sort of addiction) and also a contributor to dpreview since the year 2000 and specifically the Fujifilm DSLR forum since around 2002 so I think I'm well qualified to make that statement.

I notice you selectively choose to ignore the bit where I said that 'There are wonderful exceptions', perhaps that could be you? But no, you choose to be negative.

I can't cook anything better than toast but I know when I'm served good food and when I'm served junk. Supposing I'd never taken a photo in my life I can still make a qualitative judgement on whatever I'm served, be it food or photos.

you have a lot of nerve especially with the link to those images on your site those definitely are lacking.

Ad hominem.

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Norman Young

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