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Re: Comments on revised new PC build

I would suggest that you spend the extra $10 or so and go withe the K model CPU (i7-3770K), as it will allow you to overclock should you decide to do so. Since you're purchasing an aftermarket CPU cooler, you have the extra cooling capacity to overclock.

Very interesting - thanks.  I had just assumed that any i7 could be OC'd, but I see that the description of the K model says "Its unlocked multiplier allows you to freely adjust the frequency when used with compatible motherboard..."

It's another $30 for the K - probably worth the additional 10% OC performance improvement.

As to your question on video, I don't really know (I only have one monitor). However, I've read that you can use the built-in Intel graphics in conjunction with a discrete graphics card. So, if your discrete graphics card supports two monitors, I would guess that you would have 3 total, including the Intel graphics.

Somewhere I read that if you put a real graphics card on a Z77 MB the onboard GPU cannot be used, but I can't find this anywhere again and I've seen no discussions about it.  I guess I'll just have to give it a try.

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