Comments on revised new PC build

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Re: Comments on revised new PC build

8GB of RAM is enough for most purposes but it's cheap so get 16GB.

Yes, but I am already over my intended budget - so for now I'll just keep those 2 extra RAM slots open

RAM with tall heat spreaders can cause clearance problems -- don't know if your choice may be problematic in this regard or not.

Good point - thanks.  The heat sinks on this RAM do stick up a bit, but look to be OK for the case I have picked.

Run a pagefile. Most people don't understand that eliminating the pagefile does NOT eliminate paging, it just makes it less efficient.

Oh?  My understand was that with no page file Win7 would just crash if it needed to do a page operation.  Where do the pages go with no pagefile?

Get a video card with 2GB of RAM. Some Photoshop plugins will use it and, like regular RAM, it's not that much more expensive.

2GB for the video card is abouu $20 extra.  I'll consider it.  Thanks for the tip

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